Dr. Pei Qin Ang

Dr Pei has completed a 5 year double degree in Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic) and a Bachelor of Health Science from RMIT University. Pei is proficient in many languages, including English, Mandarin, Malay, Cantonese and Hokkien.

Pei was first introduced to the benefits of chiropractic care at the age of 12 when she had scoliosis. She wore a brace for a few years but unfortunately the curve progressed. However, after receiving the treatments, she witnessed the improvement of her body function and started to believe in the body’s innate ability to wellness. Since then she wants to bring that relief to more people and is passionate about helping patients achieve their optimal health and vitality.

Pei attends various seminars and workshops regularly to constantly refine her skills and broaden her techniques, so that she can provide the best care for her patients.

Pei volunteered as a sports trainer at RMIT Woman Football Academy Placement, where she managed her treatment plan tailored to each player to achieve the best results. She also helped out in the Wellington Community Clinic at Collingwood. With her empathy skills gained through these events, she undoubtedly will provide a patient-centred care in the clinic.

Outside of practice, she enjoys playing badminton, table tennis, chess and swimming to enhance her lifestyle.

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